In love with winter in Greece


Before moving to Greece, I never even thought of the possibility of skiing in Greece! Winter in Greece can be amazing if there is enough snow and this year it is! The two areas that I will take you to are Parnassos and Pelion. Here we will find more than enough snow for skiing! 🙂

Close to Mount Parnassos our first stop is in Delphi, even here we can find some snow already, but there will be more. I promise! Next stop is Arachova which is a nice small village to visit and the tourist centre of the area. Further up the mountain we find the Ski Centre of Parnassos, where all the snow is waiting for us.

Another beautiful area which offers a lot of snow is Pelion, where we also stop by shortly.

Delphi, Arachova and Parnassos




Preview on next blog post:

We will discover Corinth.



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