Welcome in Greece – Let’s visit Athens!


This is the beautiful Acropolis in the vibrant city of Athens in which I have been living nearly 2 years now. But Athens is more than only the Acropolis. Follow me on a trip through the capital of Greece, discover with me the beautiful landscapes on the mainland of Greece and the beauty of the Greek Islands.

I reworked the blog which now will focus on all the nice places to visit in Greece.

Let’s start with what you should not miss, if it happens that you stop by in Athens.

Our first journey will take us to Plaka, Anafiotika and the flea markets of Monastiraki. You can discover these areas by foot, no map needed. Just stroll around! In my opinion these are the most beautiful parts of the city, although there are other intresting areas and neighboorhods. Here you will find most of the tourists, but try to go off season and you will enjoy it much more.

Plaka is the oldest part of Athens. You will find a lot of restaurants and tourist shops here. If you arrive in Anafiotika, you belive that you arrived on a Greek Island. This part of the city was build by stone masons in the mid 19th century, which came from the island of Anafi to build Athens.

Plaka & Anafiotika




Preview on next blog post:

The next area in Athens that we will discover is the National Garden Area, including the Parliament and its guards.


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